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High Temperature Resistant Vibration Cushioning with High Tear Resistance

High Temperature Resistant Vibration Cushioning with High Tear Resistance
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Shape: Bubble
Name: Packing Bubble Wrap
UV Resistance: High
Weight: Light
Moisture Resistance: High
Material: Plastic
Recyclable: Yes
Size: 30cm, 50cm, 60cm, 80cm, 100cm, 120cm, 150cm
Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: DONGGUAN
Model Number: 2023-YC-0718001
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: PE bags/Paper Cartons
Delivery Time: 1-3days
Payment Terms: TT
Supply Ability: 10000pcs
Product Description

Product Description:

Introducing Packing Bubble Wrap, an ideal void fill media and cushioning material for shock protection. Our bubble wrap is made from odorless recyclable material, and is available in 5 different thicknesses: 40um, 60um, 80um, 100um, and 120um. It is available in multiple sizes: 30cm, 50cm, 60cm, 80cm, 100cm, 120cm, and 150cm. Our bubble wrap is the perfect solution to protect your valuable items during shipping and storage.



  • Product Name: Packing Bubble Wrap
  • Name: Packing Bubble Wrap
  • Durability: High
  • Temperature Resistance: High
  • Size: 30cm, 50cm, 60cm, 80cm, 100cm, 120cm, 150cm
  • Weight: Light
  • Cushioning Material: Yes
  • Void Fill Media: Yes
  • Fragile Padding: Yes

Technical Parameters:

Parameters Value
Name Packing Bubble Wrap
Shape Bubble
Material Plastic
Tear Resistance High
Weight Light
Odorless Yes
Durability High
Size 30cm, 50cm, 60cm, 80cm, 100cm, 120cm, 150cm
Temperature Resistance High
Moisture Resistance High
Impact Protection Yes
Fragile Padding Yes
Shock Absorbing Yes
Secure Packaging Yes


Packing Bubble Wrap, Model Number 2023-YC-0718001, is a protective packaging material specifically designed for cushioning and shock absorption. It is a lightweight, tear-resistant, durable, and moisture-resistant material, and it is also odorless. Place of Origin is DONGGUAN, with Minimum Order Quantity of 10 and Price of 3.5. It is packaged in PE bags/Paper Cartons, and Delivery Time is 1-3 days. Payment Terms is TT, and Supply Ability is 10000pcs. With high tear resistance and good shock absorbing capacity, Packing Bubble Wrap is perfect for wrapping fragile items and providing extra cushioning for goods during transit. It is ideal for use in a wide range of industrial and commercial applications, from small scale to large scale.



Packing Bubble Wrap

This high-quality cushioning material is perfect for your protective packaging needs. Our packing bubble wrap is made of durable plastic material with high tear resistance and moisture resistance. The bubble shape provides secure and reliable cushioning to protect your items during shipping.

Product Details
  • Model Number: 2023-YC-0718001
  • Place of Origin: DONGGUAN
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 10
  • Price: 3.5
  • Packaging Details: PE bags/Paper Cartons
  • Delivery Time: 1-3days
  • Payment Terms: TT
  • Supply Ability: 10000pcs
  • Durability: High
  • Tear Resistance: High
  • Material: Plastic
  • Moisture Resistance: High
  • Shape: Bubble
  • Provides excellent cushioning for protective packaging
  • Bubble shape provides secure and reliable cushioning
  • High tear resistance and moisture resistance
  • Durable plastic material

Support and Services:

Packing Bubble Wrap Technical Support and Service

We provide technical support and service for our Packing Bubble Wrap product. Our technical support team is available to answer any questions you may have regarding the product, and provide assistance in troubleshooting any issues that arise. Our service team is available to provide installation and repair services for the product, as well as provide replacements if necessary. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping

Packing Bubble Wrap needs to be packaged appropriately before shipping. To ensure safe and secure shipping, the following steps should be taken:

  • Use proper packaging and materials that are designed for shipping fragile items.
  • Place the Bubble Wrap in a box that is the appropriate size and shape for the item.
  • Fill the box with packing material such as packing peanuts, bubble wrap, or other suitable materials to prevent the Bubble Wrap from moving around during shipping.
  • Securely seal the box using strong packing tape.
  • Label the box with clear instructions for the shipper, including “Fragile” or “Handle With Care”.


Q: What is the Model Number?
A: The Model Number is 2023-YC-0718001.
Q: Where is the Place of Origin?
A: The Place of Origin is DONGGUAN.
Q: What is the Minimum Order Quantity?
A: The Minimum Order Quantity is 10.
Q: How much is the Price?
A: The Price is 3.5.
Q: How about the Packaging Details?
A: The Packaging Details are PE bags/Paper Cartons.
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