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Highly Durable Inflatable Bubble Wrap Pressurized Cushion For Protection And Packaging

Highly Durable Inflatable Bubble Wrap Pressurized Cushion For Protection And Packaging
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Cost: Affordable
Flexibility: Flexible
Name: Inflatable Bubble Wrap
Color: Transparent
Size: Various Sizes
Shape: Bubble
Inflation: Easy To Inflate
Durability: Highly Durable
High Light:

Durable Inflatable Bubble Wrap


Pressurized Cushion Inflatable Bubble Wrap

Basic Infomation
Place of Origin: DONGGUAN
Model Number: 2023-YC-080401
Payment & Shipping Terms
Packaging Details: Paper cartons
Delivery Time: 1-3days
Payment Terms: TT
Supply Ability: 100000rolls
Product Description

Product Description:

Inflatable Bubble Wrap – Shock and Impact Protection

Inflatable Bubble Wrap is an air-filled cushion packaging that provides superior protection from shock and impact. It is made of a transparent material that is recyclable and reusable. It is designed to form a cushion-like bubble when inflated, providing a protective layer that absorbs the impact of bumps and falls during the shipping process.

This Inflatable Bubble Wrap is an excellent way to protect fragile items while in transit. It offers superior protection from shock and impact, making it the perfect solution for products that require delicate handling. The bubbles are designed to absorb the shock of bumps and falls, protecting the items inside from damage. Additionally, this air-filled cushion wrapping can be recycled and reused, making it an environmentally-friendly choice.

This Inflatable Bubble Wrap is an excellent choice for protecting your items during shipping. Its transparent material allows you to easily identify the items inside, while its air-filled cushion wrapping provides superior shock and impact protection. Furthermore, it is recyclable and reusable, making it an eco-friendly choice.



  • Product Name: Inflatable Bubble Wrap
  • Reusable: Yes
  • Material: Plastic
  • Durability: Highly Durable
  • Protection: Shock And Impact Protection
  • Shape: Bubble
  • Inflatable Cushion Wrapping
  • Inflatable Bubble Protection
  • Inflatable Bubble Wrap

Technical Parameters:

Attribute Description
Recyclable Yes
Durability Highly Durable
Material Plastic
Packaging Rolls Or Bags
Size Various Sizes
Color Transparent
Cost Affordable
Flexibility Flexible
Inflation Easy To Inflate
Uses Packaging, Cushioning And Protection


Inflatable Bubble Wrap is an air-filled protective wrapping that is highly pressurized and provides superior protection for fragile items. This product is made from high quality plastic material that is both flexible and reusable, making it a highly cost-effective solution. It is available in various sizes to fit different objects, and it offers superior protection during transportation. Model Number: 2023-YC-080401, Place of Origin: DONGGUAN, Minimum Order Quantity: 5, Price: 3, Packaging Details: Paper cartons, Delivery Time: 1-3days, Payment Terms: TT, Supply Ability: 100000rolls, Material: Plastic, Reusable: Yes, Size: Various Sizes, Cost: Affordable, Flexibility: Flexible.

Inflatable Bubble Wrap is the perfect way to protect fragile items during shipping. It is lightweight, flexible, and cost-effective, making it ideal for protecting items like electronics, glassware, and other delicate materials. This product is designed to provide superior protection against bumps, scratches, and other damages, and its high pressure ensures that it will withstand the rigors of transportation. The Inflatable Bubble Wrap is also highly reusable, which makes it an environmentally friendly solution. It is perfect for protecting items in warehouses, during shipping, and even during storage.

Inflatable Bubble Wrap is the perfect choice for businesses that need to provide superior protection for their products. It is affordable, lightweight, and offers superior protection against damages. With its flexible design, it can be easily adapted to fit different items, making it a versatile solution for any business. With its superior protection and cost-effectiveness, Inflatable Bubble Wrap is the perfect choice for businesses looking for air-filled protective wrapping and pressurized protective wrapping solutions.



Are you looking for an effective, affordable, lightweight and recyclable way to protect your items from shock and impact? Look no further than Inflatable Bubble Wrap! Our air-filled pillow and air-filled padding packaging is the perfect way to protect your items during transit. Our Inflatable Bubble Wrap Model Number 2023-YC-080401 is manufactured in DONGGUAN and can be ordered in minimum quantities of 5. The price for each roll is just 3. Delivery time is 1-3days and payment terms are TT. We can provide up to 100000rolls. The air-filled protective wrapping is not only lightweight but also recyclable. For maximum protection, trust Inflatable Bubble Wrap.


Support and Services:

Inflatable Bubble Wrap Technical Support and Service:

  • 24/7 customer service hotline for questions and concerns
  • Free repair and replacement of defective or damaged products
  • Free online tutorials and videos to help with product installation and use
  • On-site service for product installation and troubleshooting
  • Regular email updates on product recalls and safety notices

Packing and Shipping:

Inflatable Bubble Wrap packaging and shipping consists of several steps:

  1. The product should be securely packaged in a box.
  2. The box should be filled with air-filled bubble wrap.
  3. The box should be sealed with tape.
  4. The box should be labeled clearly with the product name and destination.
  5. The box should be placed in a shipping container.
  6. The shipping container should be sealed and labeled.
  7. The shipping container should be sent to its destination.


Q: What is the Model Number of this product?
A: The Model Number of this product is 2023-YC-080401.
Q: Where is this product from?
A: This product is from DONGGUAN.
Q: What is the Minimum Order Quantity?
A: The Minimum Order Quantity is 5.
Q: How much is the price?
A: The price is 3.
Q: What is the Packaging Details?
A: The Packaging Details is Paper cartons.
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